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Flip Attack is a fast paced "match three" game for android smart phones.

Flip Attack is inspired by the Nintendo game Tetris Attack and the Windows/Linux game Crack Attack.

Screen shot
Example of how the screen can look when the game starts.

Flip Attack is available both as a paid app costing $1 and also a free version with ads.

Available in Android Market QR Code
Available in Android Market QR Code


The goal of the game is to keep the pile of blocks from reaching the top. You do this by removing as many blocks as possible by creating 3 or more adjacent blocks of the same color.


Blocks can be swapped horizontally by touching the border between two adjacent blocks.
If a block is next to an empty space you can move it to the empty space by clicking the edge of the block.

You can not swap blocks while other blocks are moving. Touching the screen at that time will have no effect.

Game Play

At regular intervals a new line of blocks is added to the bottom of the screen, which pushes up the blocks already on the screen. You must keep the blocks on the screen from reaching the top, because when they do you lose.

In reverse gravity mode the blocks float to the top of the screen instead. Then you must keep the pile of blocks from reaching the bottom of the screen.

To remove blocks from the screen you need to align 3 or more blocks of the same color. When at least 3 blocks of the same kind are aligned either horizontally or vertically, they will be removed.

As your score becomes higher the game will become faster.

Screen shot
Three blocks green blocks have been aligned, and are being removed from the screen


Each block that gets removed from the screen will give you 1 point.

Your score is displayed at the top of the screen.


The standard game size is 6x12 blocks but it is possible to override this in the settings view.

The speed of the game is also configurable. This changes how often a new row is added at the bottom.

By enabling reverse gravity the blocks will float to the top instead of falling to the bottom of the screen.

The speed is not adjusted to the size of the board so the real difficult of the game depends on both the size and the speed.


If you have any questions please contact us at info [at] rundgong.com